Welcome to my personal homepage.

I am currenty a graduate student at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute (USC-ISI) set to complete my Ph.D. in physics in May 2013. My background is primarily in physics and computer science with an emphasis on molecular dynamics simulations of (atomic) biological systems and high-performance parallel algorithms.

This page is intenISIded to facilitate professional communication between myself and our research affiliates, although I may use the space from time-to-time to share content with close friends or family. I've also decided to make some of my perl scripts and C binaries I've used for my research publicly available under the downloads section, in addition to some of our graphics which you will find in the gallery. Feel free to send an email if you would like to contact me or you can use the web form in the contact section of this page.

I was born in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and have resided in California my entire life. I attended college at San Francisco State University earning a B.S. in physics and completed two masters degrees in physics and computer science in graduate school at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. Currently I'm also completing my doctoral dissertation in physics at USC on molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of cell membrane electropermeabilization using the open-source GROMACS integrator under Dr. P. Thomas Vernier.

In my spare time I like to play music on my Martin XC1T Ellipse Guitar and go hiking in Griffith park, in addition to visiting Griffith Observatory. I'm also an Eagle Scout and I enjoy camping and authentic sushi.



I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't go any further than that.